Black Shadow

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Black, black shadows, cast in long beans down the ocean of green wheat. All the whiskers waving together, making the sound of whispers all around us. A few birds watch curiously from a near by lone telephone cable as I swoosh my dress this way and that. The noise of the chiffon hitting the tops of the wheat and the sounds of the camera shutter clicking are the only disturbances in this surreal landscape. I can’t remember shooting in a more cinematic setting. The silhouette of a lone tree in the far distance and I are the only interruptions on this otherwise open plane. We carefully negotiated the crop, so as not to show any evidence of our presence and then it was over.

For the first post on this new site, I knew I wanted to do a really special shoot. Something big, something bold, something that would show off the new site in all it’s glory. I really hope this post has managed that. Welcome to the new I hope it continues to engage you!

Thank you so much Shini (for the design) and DJ (for the development) your hard work made this beautiful site what it is.

Dress Catherine Deane (gifted)

Boots Chanel (sample)

Hat vintage

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