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OK so I never want to condone illegal activity but occasionally you go to your mothers wardrobe and you see something you just have to have!!! The feeling of sticky fingers comes over you and before you know it you have grabbed the before mentioned item and fled!!!! AHHHhhhh RUN FASHION THIEF!!! RUN RUN RUN! So this was my most recent in a shamefully long list of sticky fingers ‘purchases’… My mothers fabulous chunky cardigan.

It is one of those items that is just so wonderfully extravagant that you can only really enjoy it if you didnt pay for it – and therefore fully understand the cost per wear ie. do not rip, spill, stain value!  The knit is really loose and although at first it seems a bit ruff, the longer you wear it the softer it gets.
 It has huge batwing sleeves and this cute detail that the cuffs are split like a shirt at the ends.

Plus is has the bonus of not being the kind of wool that leaves fluff on everything – its so annoying why can’t modern technology cure this problem, cream fluff all over my black coats is a constant pain in my behind! – it is dark too so it doesnt matter so much.

Here I am wearing it with suede over-the-knee boots I got in Venice this summer, JBrand jeans – I know they are expensive but I swear by their durability and fit, it is money well spent -,Hermes H belt, Zara blouse – its prehistoric and I wish I had bought two at the time because it is fab with lace and chiffon bell sleeves! -, the fur scarf was a christmas gift from my lovely Auntie Jec – THANK YOU!!! -, the hat was a steal at £10 from TKMAXX, and finally the topic of this post… the cardigan is from Few and Far.

Oh also just for fun, this is Mr Piggy that lives in the field these photos are taken near.  Don’t you think he is so ugly he is beautiful… it has gone full circle!
Happy Sticky Fingers kids… just remember return in the condition you found it and Run Run Run!
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