Venus by Maria Tash

I know top ear piercings have had a bit of a renaissance of late. I had mine done when I was at school, shockingly that means I have had it for 8 years now.  Which has given me quite a lot of time to work out which earrings work best. Normally I like to wear a small diamond stud (like here), I also have a couple of antique studs that look like insects which I think is a really cute idea.  The other option I always wanted was a diamond hoop, but I could never find one small enough to pretty.
Shop 653 Broadway, New York, NY, United States

Maria Tash

When I heard about Maria Tash I just wanted everything.

This jewellery brand specialises in jewellery for unusual places and piercings. The choices for top ear, nose and navel are endless.

If you can go in to the store, do! The staff are so helpful and will be able to make sure you get the perfect fit (they do loads of sizes in each design).

Last time I visited I picked up this white gold hoop (which you can see me wearing in the photo) and the rose gold chain hoop.