1. Another cab look
  2. A view of the wonderful French shop Les Toiles Du Soleil, that custom makes everything imaginable out of traditional thick cotton deck chair fabric in every colour combination possible.  Their bespoke service is perfection.  I bought some great aprons to cook in and a striped beach bag! (Although it is so cold in NYC it is hard to imagine ever using it!)
  3. Me trying on some super fab espadrilles on at Les Toiles Du Soleil
  4. Some of the great beach bags
  5. Pop Burger has such a cute interior
  6. The beyond dinkie beef sliders at Pop Burger

Shoes Manolo Blahnik, Jeans Zara, Jacket Balmain, Jumper Zara, Sunglasses Ottica Mantovani and Bag Chanel.


  1. Bridgid says:

    looks like a cute store! and oh those sliders look delish 🙂


  2. Love this blog. It has a lot of interesting stuff. I’m craving for that burger. I’m starving!

  3. Duck says:

    Loving the Ottica Mantovani glasses! Hadn’t heard of them before but will certainly be researching now…

  4. I love you to see you in the casual clothes!

  5. Juliana says:

    Such a cute & cozy place! Loving this real time diary daily blog of yours!!! Well done!

    frozen kisses from London!

  6. Peony says:

    Thanks for you lovely thoughts everyone. You are so supportive I really appreciat it.