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I wanted to do a whole tulle themed series.  First of all, tulle is amazing.  Secondly, I know on this site I focus on very wearable classic style, but every now and then its really fun to get the faux editorial big guns out.  Spending a lot of the summer out of the city really gave me a chance to do that.  Normally white tulle   has the unescapable bridal connotations, but I hope you will enjoy my fairy cream puff version.

With fashion week already upon us I have been rather out of the loop so far this season.

Unlike normal I haven’t been able to travel to New York this season. Avid readers will know I’m in the process of a major home design project (I love my new home and I just can’t wait to move there) which meant that I couldn’t run off to NYFW.

I’m so sorry if you were expecting my New York Fashion Week outfits about now, but they won’t be coming this season. I will be at London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, so don’t worry there will be some outfits to be seen soon.

Shoes Jimmy Choo (gifted)

Skirt Issey Miyake

Bralet La Perla