Take all that you can carry!

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With London Fashion Week approaching, I have to start to get organised with my clothes and essential bring-alongs. Other than tickets to the shows and presentations – which lets be honest are kinda the most important things to remember – I also have a survival kit.


This includes…

  1. Bottle of water – not glamours but essential
  2. iPhone
  3. iPad
  4. Tissues – again boring essential
  5. Camera – either my Polaroid or Canon 60D
  6. Blister plasters 
  7. Scarf either white or oatmeal – even if it doesnt go with the outfit, its winter be prepared to hang around outside in sub-zero temperatures, you can always remove for photographs anyway
  8. Touch up make-up – depends what you are wearing but generally a lipstick and bronzer… I hate looking pasty
  9. Lip Balm – sooo essential, I like Eve Lom, Palms and Chapsticks
  10. Mints and gum – no one wants to be talking to smelly breath
In terms of the most interesting – by which I mean decorative – essentials, I have certain wardrobe essentials that I always need at some point during LFW…
  1. Big bags – big leopard YSL Downton or Fendi snakeskin tote
  2. Big sunglasses – Giant Vintage, Tom ford, Lanvin
  3. My mini Hermes Birkin
  4. Belts – mostly Hermes ‘H’, collier de chien belt and vintage
  5. Venetian gloves
  6. Statement shoes with super high heels
  7. Hats, hats and more hats  РPhilip Tracey, Marie Mercier and Maison Michel
  8. Costume jewellery – mostly Topshop and Asos
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