Take all that you can carry!

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With London Fashion Week approaching, I have to start to get organised with my clothes and essential bring-alongs. Other than tickets to the shows and presentations – which lets be honest are kinda the most important things to remember – I also have a survival kit.


This includes…

  1. Bottle of water – not glamours but essential
  2. iPhone
  3. iPad
  4. Tissues – again boring essential
  5. Camera – either my Polaroid or Canon 60D
  6. Blister plasters 
  7. Scarf either white or oatmeal – even if it doesnt go with the outfit, its winter be prepared to hang around outside in sub-zero temperatures, you can always remove for photographs anyway
  8. Touch up make-up – depends what you are wearing but generally a lipstick and bronzer… I hate looking pasty
  9. Lip Balm – sooo essential, I like Eve Lom, Palms and Chapsticks
  10. Mints and gum – no one wants to be talking to smelly breath
In terms of the most interesting – by which I mean decorative – essentials, I have certain wardrobe essentials that I always need at some point during LFW…
  1. Big bags – big leopard YSL Downton or Fendi snakeskin tote
  2. Big sunglasses – Giant Vintage, Tom ford, Lanvin
  3. My mini Hermes Birkin
  4. Belts – mostly Hermes ‘H’, collier de chien belt and vintage
  5. Venetian gloves
  6. Statement shoes with super high heels
  7. Hats, hats and more hats  – Philip Tracey, Marie Mercier and Maison Michel
  8. Costume jewellery – mostly Topshop and Asos
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