Peony Lim x Chanel – Country Casual

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Sitting on a fence in the middle of nowhere in the South West of England. The sun glowing through the trees making the afternoon smell like grass. If you had told me 6 years ago that I would have been draped in Chanel and running a site, I would have laughed. It’s so strange how life works. Sometimes I think the key is to make the most of the opportunities you get, that has definitely been my blessing.

For the second part of my Chanel Week, I’m looking at casual clothes. I think we all love getting dressed up but mostly look best in our natural state. Jeans are my natural state, they’re a neutral, onto which you add excitements. Denim and Tweed were made to be lovers, I was so excited when Chanel showed the Paris-Dallas collection in the states. It felt like such a natural connection of influences. Plus how amazing did Caroline de Maigret look as an American Indian?!  Only she could pull that off with her classic Parisian nonchalance.

The collection has just arrived in store, so hurry down to your nearest Chanel boutique to see it.

What I'm Wearing

All Clothing Chanel Paris-Dallas Pre-Fall 2014 (apart from Shorts vintage Levis).

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