A Weekend Away

What does the perfect weekend in the country look like for you?

My perfect weekend in the country involves a drive from london in a lovely car, preferably driven by my husband. Ideally the drive isn’t too long, a couple of hours is perfect. If a break in the journey can be arranged at a charming eatery or shopping destination even better. Ideally both together. Then on to a bit of culture. Arriving finally at our destination for whatever event or activity we have been invited too. It’s the greatest privilege and luxury to be invited to stay with someone. I always take it as a huge gesture of kindness and friendship. Being a good houseguest is an art – one no doubt I am still attempting to master. I always feel I haven’t done enough. The balance of being helpful but not forcing help on your host, being present but giving your host time alone to do what they need, being polite but also fun. Hopefully one day I will be there, but in the meantime I do my best.

If I’m ever heading out of London towards Bicester Village I always make that the break in the my journey, and now they have the Café Wolseley the food experience alone is enough to justify stopping there. Since the expansion there is so much newness. When Kit and I visited a week or so ago we both ran around like mad, so excited by the huge amount of new shops. I bought my husband his favourite quarter zip jumpers, some pieces for  my family and I got the most beautiful little pair of black feather pointed pumps. I was so tempted by the white shirt I am wearing below with the balloon sleeves. This is the perfect time of year to pop in to Bicester Village because it’s when they have a huge amount of fresh stock for the new season. I shop in two ways at the village, one, for myself, and two, for others. For myself I am quite flexible, if the fit isn’t quite right but I love the style and the discount is amazing (as it always is at Bicester Village), then I compromise and buy it with the intention to alter it later. If I’m buying presents, I try and shop more carefully and only purchase when I am 100% they will like it.

For this editorial I wanted to share my Autumn Winter Essentials. All the pieces featured are in store now! So rush to the Village to grab them. I wanted to share a weekend casual look, a day to night party look (perfect for when long lunches slip into drinks) and a full blown evening statement look. All captured at the beautiful Waddesdon Manor, which is only about 15mins from Bicester Village, perfect for a culture kick after all the indulgent shopping and eating (or just continuing spoiling yourself and book now the wine tastings they host in their wine cellar). For a full list of the brands at Bicester Village see their website. You can see other stories I have created with their pieces at Blenhiem Palace and at Bicester Village too.

The Casual Look

Coat Sandro
Shirt Sandro
Jeans Levis
Boots BA&SH
Hat The Kooples
Glasses Max Mara
Bags Bally
Scarf N Peal Cashmere

The Lunchtime Luxe Look

Kaftan Oscar de la Renta
Shoes Gina
Bag Bally
Sunglasses Max Mara

The Evening Event Look

All Oscar de la Renta