Paradise with Alice and Olivia

I was recently invited to the fabulous Alice & Olivia Black Tie Carnival Party.  It was held at Paradise by way of Kensel Green.  It was a fabulous venue for an amazing night.  Their was so much entertainment, with celebrities, face painting, taro reading, burlesque dancers and wonderful food and drinks.  It has to be said it was one of the best fashion parties I have ever been too.  Alice & Olivia are expanding in the UK so I am so excited to see what is to come. They are such a cool and fun label.


  1. Me in front of the Alice & Olivia Mirror
  2. One of the stunning serving staff wearing amazing crowns
  3. The Taro card reader’s lier
  4. Multi-Lampshade lighting
  5. The fabulous burlesque performer
  6. The drinks menu
  7. Popcorn machine filled with much better treats… Shoes!
  8. The table
  9. Pony in the stairs
  10. Me!
On another topic…
This weekend was my Blogiversary!
I cant believe I have been blogging for a whole year now!
Its strange to be able to count years not months.  I really want to thank everyone who has logged on, commented and been a part of this blog.  I really couldn’t do it without you guys.
I would also really like to thank all the amazing companies, fellow bloggers, photographers and friends that have added to the blog.  They had been my lifelines. I really hope that I will be here for a good few blogiversaries to come!
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