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I just wanted to share my newborn baby list with you. Recently lots of first time pregnant friends have asked me to forward my email list so I thought it might be helpful to share it here too.  I have tried to explain as I go. This list originated from mother of three, I have made a few adaptions and additions. I really hope to helps.  Everything is divided into use, so some items appear on multiple lists (this doesn’t mean you need to buy them twice obviously). I have added links only where I think I found the best of something. A few other tips…
I made a baby book for our daughter with photos etc, if you’re going to do it, it’s best to get on with it in the first few weeks, you run out of steam otherwise. Also if your hospital has a nursery don’t feel guilty using it. You need to recover as quickly as possible to be the best mummy and that helps. When loved ones visit you and the baby, ask them to bring a home cooked meal with them. This helps so much to fuel you when you’re tried and feeding a newborn. If you live across multiple floors, it’s worth making up little baskets on each floor that contain, a change of clothes and nappy changing things, it saves you running up and down the stairs post birth.

Hospital Bag - for Baby

WaterWipes (they are the best but not eco)
Cotton Wool (better for newborns than wipes as then are gentle and you can use nice warm water – wipes are cold)
20 x Bio degradable Nappies (Naty or Mama Bamboo)
Nappy Cream (I love Amolin from AUS is the best but I also like good old Sudocream and La Rouche Posay B5)
2 x Wrap Vests (I didnt understand what mums meant when they said vest etc when I was pregnant and I felt super stupid – they are just the little leotards they wear under their clothes with no legs – sleeve lengths vary. The Wrap or Kimono ones are the best from petit bateau – easiest to put on)
2 x Babygrows (these are the onesies with feet, they are the easiest thing to dress a newborn in, ideally get ones that do up on the front to avoid turning the baby over lots when they first arrive and you’re a bit more nervous)
2 x Sleepsuits (like the onesies but simple to sleep in – Next actually does good ones)
Baby Blanket (keep to cotton, easier to tuck in and stays put and you want them to be breathable)
Hat (get one with a knot on the top – to adjust the size for your baby)
Scratch Mits (some babygrows and sleepsuits have these built-in)
2 x Muslins (the softest and most absorbent are Mori and Cam Cam Copenhagen)
Baby going home outfit
Emergency Forumla and Bottle

Hospital Bag - for Mummy

Nipple Cream
Breast Pads
Maternity Pads
Mini Fan
Nursing Pillow
Throwaway Nightie (you probably wont want the one that gets blood on afterwards so go cheap or old)
Nice Nightie (for first baby photos – ZARA HOME does nice simple white ones)
Dressing Gown
Extra Large Pants (as loose and high waisted as possible – incase you have a c-section)
Nursing Bra
Going Home Outfit
Washbag – toothbrush, dry shampoo, face cream, cleanser, basic makeup and lip balm
Bin Bag (for dirty things)
Speaker (charged and Charger)
Phone Charger
Sports Water Bottle
Sweets and Snacks
Laptop or iPad for movies, tv etc

Baby Clothes

Sunhat (season dependant)
Soft Hat
2 x Cardigans
3 x Socks
Jacket/Pram suit (season dependant but the fluffy ones from White Company are great as an outfit with just a vest under too for during the day)
3 x Day Outfits (honestly people will probably give you these as presents)

Bedroom and Bedtime

Bassinet or Moses basket (for when they are still in your room)
Sleepyhead or Similar (I got a small one from Theophine which we used for the first 7 months to keep her safe when she is in bed with us, and a bigger one from Cam Cam Copenhagen she now uses in her crib)
Cot (You don’t need this till 6months plus so don’t worry too much)
Bedding – Mattress, 4x fitted sheets
Blanket (useful to have a bedroom one and another for the pram or kitchen)
Swaddle or large Muslin (the softest and most absorbent are Mori and Cam Cam Copenhagen)
Baby Monitor (the most hightec is Nanit, I have Anglecare with a breathing pad which I love, Motorola are good and basic)
Room Thermometer (some baby monitors have this built in)
Changing Station or Pad
Nappy Bin (get an air tight one for poops)
2 x Sleeping Bags (these are great so get a few thicknesses for day and night sleeping, The Mori ones are good for use in car seats too)
Nursing Chair (I didnt get one, I just did it in our armchairs or bed)
Bouncey Cradle (wish I had know this to start with – if you get a Stokke one, it fits on a highchair for early weaning later and keeps them up high to stop your back breaking)
Sophie Graffe (someone will give you one)


Baby Bath (we got a foldable one from Stokke and we love the Angelcare one is amazing)
Moisturiser DoubleBase Gel (recommended by our paediatrician, it’s available behind the counter at pharmacies – so good and completely safe)
Baby Bath wash (you dont need this for a couple of months – just water first)
Baby Brush
Soft Facecloths (bamboo ones are nice from Amazon)
Cotton Wool (use this to wash their eyes – it helps keep them clean and infection free)
Saline Nose Spray
Nail Kit


Pram blanket
Pram/Pushchair (babyzen Yoyo all the way, I got a handle cover and bag clip too)
Baby Carrier (artipoppe gave me life)
Mosses Basket (I found it useful to keep a bed option in the living room as we live on multiple floors but in a flat this isn’t necessary)
Travel cot (depends how soon you need this)
Travel changing mat
Car seat cover (optional but I love mine)
Car seat sleeping bag (the Mori sleeping bags work in carseats)


20 x Muslins (the softest and most absorbent are Mori and Cam Cam Copenhagen)
Breast Pads
Breast Pump Haakaa (I found this so useful, in the end I bought two)
Steriliser (the MAM one doubles up as a bottle warmer and later food heater, however we were given a UV steriliser and I love that its so efficient and tiny)
4 x Bottles (MAM)
Bottle warmer (see above MAM)
12 x Fabric Bibs
Dummies (optional – often come free with MAM bottles)
Breast Pump electric (elvie is good but so are the medical grade ones you can rent, honestly pumping is soul destroying however you do it but the Haakaa ones are the least offensive and can be used on the breast you’re not feeding from while you feed)
Breast Milk Storage Bags and Tubs (tubs double up for puree later and work really well if you are using milk not freezing it)
Ice bag for storing pumped milk overnight etc
Silverette Cups (these will save your nipples – thank me later lol)
Small nightlight (so you will be able to see feeding but not wake everyone up too much)

Nappy Bag

Eco Nappies (Naty or Mama Bamboo)
Biodegradable Nappy sacks
Nappy Cream
Wipes (I like to keep my nappies, cream and wipes in a little washbag together)
Thermos for hot water ( I use the Corkcicle ones)
Formula Box
Change of Clothes
Muslin (the softest and most absorbent are Mori and Cam Cam Copenhagen)
Milton wipes for hygiene


Your Baby week by Week (I loved reading a chapter a week and its very reassuring)
The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan ( I used this method with a pinch of salt and I found it really helpful for developing a good routine and sleep habits)
I also used the Baby Feeding Log APP for tracking feeds and sleeps. It’s amazing what you forget when you’re sleep deprived.
You can also find all my pregnancy tips in my post Pregnancy Survival Guide  and all my baby choices within my Baby Style post.
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