My Brushes

A complete guide to all my make-up brushes. What I have and how I use them.

I get so many questions about my brushes so I thought the best thing to do was give you a full and comprehensive guide to my current kit. This is what I’m currently working with, I occasionally replace brushes if I find something better but I will flag below brushes that will always be in my kit.

I mostly have Artis and Sigma Brushes, if you cant be bothered with my really specific ones you can buy an Essential Kit from Sigma which has the basics, or their Complete Brush Kit which which has everything I recommend and more. Artis also offer 5 Brush Sets and 10 Brush Sets which include everything I use from them.

I also really recommend investing in some things to keep your brushes clean and in good condition. I love the Artis Microfibre Cloths which I use daily with a spray brush cleaner like this Clinque one. I then wash them completely every few weeks with Cinema Secrets and Johnsons Baby Shampoo.

I’m currently storing my brushes in two pots, one for face brushes and one for detail and eye brushes. I find that makes it easier to find what I’m looking for. I do have a lot more brushes than an average person needs, so as I mentioned above I will flag (with a ♥) the brushes I would recommend in each category so you can isolate the important ones. To make it easier I have linked everything and also added shopping apps to each section. I hope this piece gives you all the information you need but to send me a message if you want to know more.


I use these brushes to apply base powders and buff. The Sigma F90 Fan Brush is great for sweeping light layers of powder. While the ♥ Creme de la Mer Powder Brush is wonderfully soft and fluffy and I find gives a beautiful coverage (neither too heavy or light). I often apply my setting powder with the La Mer brush and then sweep away any excess with the Sigma brush.


For me the absolute ultimate foundation brush is the ♥Artis Oval 8. It’s really important that when you use this brush you keep it in contact with your skin as much as possible. This helps it to create an incredibly even thin layer of foundation that is very natural but perfecting. The only down side to this brush is that it doesn’t travel well, so I travel with my Guerlain Foundation brush which is a great alternative that doesn’t get damaged travelling.

Concealer and Contour

My favourite brush for concealer (other than my fingers) is the ♥Artis Oval 6. This brush like the larger foundation brush, leaves you with an incredibly natural and even blend. You need to choose the size of the brush based on the size of your face, so if you have a very small face you might want more control with the ♥Artis Oval 4. This brush is also great for apply a powder eye base or blending out small areas. As before try not to lift the brushes from you skin. Artis brushes are an investment, so if you make it, I really recommend you watch their tutorial videos online so you can get the most out of their brushes. The Oval 6 is also great for applying contour or highlight as it’s the perfect size and blends so beautifully. However for a lighter touch I would use the Sigma F05 Small Contour brush.

Concealer and Cream Eye Colour

I don’t often use small concealer brushes unless I have a major shoot and I have to cover a imperfection (broadly I like to leave them alone and the rest of the makeup distracts from them).  However I do recommend the ♥Sigma F70 Concealer brush if you want to use one. I also use the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush for pinpointing. However these brushes can also be used for cream eye colours, for which I also have and recommend the Sigma E58 Cream Color and the ♥Clinique Concealer Brush which is a great double-up brush and the perfect size for both concealing and cream eye colours. You can use your fingers for this, but if I have long nails I prefer a brush.


I love bronzer, so having a good brush that applies a natural looking finish is vital! I use the ♥Sigma F20 Large Powder at home and travel with the Nars 11 brush because its more compact. Both are big brushes. I never mix my powder and bronzer brushes, I just find it gives me more control even when I’m traveling. It also helps you to use less product as you correct by blending without product.

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Liquid and Powder Highlighter

I use two brushes for highlighting, one for wet products and one for dry. If I use a liquid illuminator (like the Becca Skin Perfector) then I will use the ♥Clinique Foundation Brush, which really helps to lightly press the product into my skin. However if I use a powder highlighter I prefer the ♥Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter which blends lightly around the edges for a more natural look. I know some people love a fan brush for this, it’s not my favourite but I have the Sigma F41 Fan brush incase I do feel like it.


Small Setting Powder

I like to use a small powder brush to set under my eyes (with Brightening Powder), the best one I have found is the ♥Sigma F64 Soft Blend Concealer. This brush is also great for setting imperfections with powder. It’s firm enough to blend out any creases under your eyes but lightly set with powder too.


I have used a couple of brushes for blush which I have liked. My current favourite is the ♥Sigma F10 Powder Blush Brush and then I travel with the Laura Mercier Angled Cheek Contour. I like both, I just find it easier to keep one in my kit and one in my wash bag. I have also used the Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Powder Blush in the past, which is great for a lighter touch.

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The ♥Sigma L05 Lip brush offers a lot of control. However the Artis Circle 1 brush is great for applying balms and stains as it’s stiffer.


The best liquid liner brush I have found is the ♥Sigma E06 Winged Liner. I don’t often find I need to use this, because I mostly use liquid eyeliners with a pen tip. However I do sometimes need to use a very small pointed brush and the best is still my ♥MAC 210, although the Sigma E10 Small Eye Liner is a great alternative I also have.  I more often use little brushes to blend out pencil liners. The ♥Sigma E15 Flat Definer and E64 Shader Inner Corner are both great for this and applying powders close to the lash line.


These brushes are great for under the bottom lashes, defining cut crease edges and packing colour onto your lid. For packing colour on the lid I think the best brush is ♥Laura Mercier Angled Eye Colour, it transfers a lot of pigment easily. The ♥Sigma E62 Cut Crease and the E54 Medium Sweeper are great for creating that edge along a cut crease. While the Sigma E57 Firm Shader is great for under your bottom lashes.





Pencil and Detail

I use these brushes for all sort of tasks. They are essential in my kit so I have duplicates incase one is dirty. The ♥Sigma E30 Pencil is amazing for applying everything from the highlight in your tear duct to defining a cut crease edge. The smaller and softer Sigma E30s Pencil is a lighter touch, I often use this under my bottom lashes. I use the ♥Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending to begin to add detail in a darker colour after using a larger blending brush.  It helps to blend a smaller area, it sounds unnecessary but I love this brush, it helps the quality of my results a lot. Equally the ♥Sigma E21 Smudge is vital. I use this to blend out eyeliner and apply a clean edge to colours.

Blending and Diffusing

Honestly you don’t need loads of blending brushes. There are so many out there. I could definitely live with just the ♥Sigma E25 Blending or the ♥E38 Diffused Crease. Both do the job excellently of applying colour and blending it out. I use the Sigma E37 All Over Blend and E44 Firm Blender as clean brushes to blend out edges because they are a bit stiffer, however this isn’t necessary for everyone.




I have a number of brushes I use for my brows depending on the job and product. For combing out mascara you can’t do better than a metal combo, I have a really old ♥Sephora Brow Comb which his great,  Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer is very similar too. If I want to use a pomade or powder I use a little brush I have from Bobbi Brown which is stiff, the current version of it is ♥Bobbi Brown Eye Definer. If you aren’t good are lines or you want an easy life the Artis Linear 1 and Linear 3 are the best. They create perfect lines for you. I also keep a natural bristles toothbrush for brushing out my browns before I add any product, but you could use the brush on the brow comb above.

Lash Curler

I have tried alot of last curlers from heated to the famous Shu Uemura one. I have found the ♥Shiseido Eyelash Curler is the best for my eye shape. I think it’s really important to find a curler that the curve matches the curve of your lid. As I’m half Chinese I have longer less acutely curved lids, as I have almond shaped eyes. The shape of the Shisedio curler catches all my lashes from the tear duct to the very edge.

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