More stuff I’d like to steal

Whenever I go home I look in my mothers dressing room and wonder at all the amazing pieces I could steal. Sometimes I get away with a few borrows but others I know are silly to even consider.
I actually gave my mother this bag for her birthday a few years ago. However it is her delight and so delicate, that suede is amazing and so vibrant.
She has offered to lend me it, but I dare not, incase of a spilt drink or another suede bag disaster. None the less it is 100% worth a post to show how pretty it is. This photo was taken while on holiday in Cambodia at the Song Saa resort.  Tomorrow I leave for NYFW, so if there is a little break in posting, forgive me, we will be running around the shows and meetings in NYC!  Bag Celine and Scarf Hermes.