I have had a couple of requests for a post on what I have in my bag… so here it is!
I think I was probably a little too honest with what I have in bag and should have used a little bit more creative license.  Never mind, I will do another in the future with a different bag and more excitement.

So in my mum’s ‘borrowed’ vintage Celine bag is…

  1. my iPhone
  2. my Blackberry
  3. some Headphones
  4. a pair of Sunglasses
  5. a Hair Brush
  6. a box of some emergency painkillers
  7. My vintage laquer fountain pen
  8. A colourful Sharpie
  9. some Hand Sanitizer
  10. my Business cards
  11. a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Big Stick
  12. a packet of Tissues
  13. a Wallet, tends to be this Hermes one
  14. a small bottle of scent
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