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This is one of my Peony Lim Smocks.
I just love the colours of this one.  I think a huge floral print is sometimes the best thing you can wear. I am not even a massive pink person, but the colours are like sugar mice!
I love anything you can dress up or down.  You have to know you are going to get the maximum wear out of anything that costs more than you can make an hour.
I wore this smock at PFW this past season and these photos are all from that day.
In fact the last one by Vogue Brazil was taken just after I nearly died from the heat inside the Issey Miyake show – trust me it was not glamourous at all.
Smocks are the perfect christmas present… they will always fit, they are always stylist and they come wrapped.
So have a little christmas list look at my store. 

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