Fairy Dust

High and low is important in all aspects of a happy life.  Food - McDonalds and Foie Gras.  Fashion - High Street and High End.  Culture - The latest comic book conversation and reading the classics, and it is just as true in beauty products.
Some products I think are worth splurging on, using sparingly and treating as the luxury they are. For me, the most expensive products I buy are my scent from Caron and my face wash from Eve Lom. Both I have been using for many years and I continue to love and savour them without a thought of a straying unfaithful eye - which is after all the mark of a product which is giving you everything you need.  I also love luxury nail varnishes, Chanel for classic colours and Seche Vite for topcoat.  However I also enjoy trend nails (more so than trend clothes), these are often here for a season and gone, so it seems wasteful to spend too much money on them. Instead I turn to Barry M, great for on trend colours and glitters.  Recently I picked up these two glitters, they look so pretty over a nude or pale pink like this Chanel Ballerina.  Why not treat yourself this week?!  Whats your beauty bargain?