Creating Shapes

Always thought that shape-wear was all bridget Jones and bulgy bits, think again. Wacoal is reinventing the genre.  Slim, sleek and chic.

Wacoal asked me to style their new shape-wear range of super soft jersey pieces. I think of them as basics more than control wear. They are so comfortable on, it’s really no different than wearing an ordinary tee or body, but wow, the smoothing effect is amazing. I love the clean lines the body gave me with high-rise skinny jeans, the subtle base the slip gave to a dress and the pants are just so cute. With a t-shirt bra, they look retro and high waisted, nothing granny pants about them.

Although I hate wearing things that are too tight, even tights can feel a bit challenging sometimes, I really didn’t feel clothestrophobia in these pieces. They were so simple and perfect, like a second skin. Just a classic black tank or body with jeans makes the most wonderful base to every outfit.

Now that winter is coming, I’m really starting to feel the cold, so I will be layer flattering pieces like these under my chunky knits, shirts and tailoring for that extra bit of warmth and it means you never have that situation where you’re too hot but can’t take a layer off. It sounds simple, but these things make such a difference to just getting on with your day.

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Shape-wear all c/o Wacoal
Find the Slips, Body and Pants.

1st Look
Jacket Balmain
Jeans Goldsign
Shoes Aruna Seth
Bag Baraboux

2nd Look
Dress Razan Alazzouni
Shoes Manolo Blahnik