Black and White London


I often shy away from posting black outfits. Partly because they are hard to photograph (black tends to wash everything out) and partly because my feeling is that nearly anyone can wear an all black outfit and make it chic. Black is a go-to, idiot-proof option for everyone, no matter your style or size.  Then I remembered the one thing that is an exception to that rule. Ill fitting clothes. So I thought I would shoot this wonderful Alaia dress and talk about the importance of a good fit.  Alaia is an expert at showing the best parts of a woman’s body in a tasteful way. I have a three simple rules to make sure I do the same…


Rule one.

Never buy anything too small. EVER! I know a lot of girls who buy things a size too small in sales and say they will loose weight, A) this nearly never happens, it’s demoralising and it’s a waste of money, and B) you don’t even know the fit will be right if you do loose the weight. Just don’t do it. It’s so much better to buy too big and take it in. I often will do this to sale and vintage pieces. Although I never plan to alter drastically something that was full price, that too is a waste of money.


Rule Two. 

Pick an asset.  Never have legs, chest and back out all at once. You have to choose which one you want to work with. Also bear in mind the rest of your look, hair and make up wise. It can be all too much if you have full beauty and then your chest out too.


Rule Three. 

Don’t show your underwear. Although a bra strap (al la Carrie Bradshaw) can be edgy and fun, seeing your entire underwear outline or half your bra cup when you bend over is not. Always lean forward in the mirror when wearing a top or even buying a new bra to check you’re only showing what you want to. Don’t forget most men are taller than women so they have a birds-eye view of your body, and lets be honest they are going to look.

I know I probably seem incredibly conservative in the face of modern ideas of about privacy and nudity, but thats just how I roll.  I would love to hear your rules, let me know below.

Shoes Christian Louboutin

Dress Alaia

Bag Chanel

Corsages H&M