Black and White City


Zebra crossings are city staples, we all walk past them every day and probably never think of them. Yet given the right situation they become the perfect photo backdrop. I think the ones in NYC are fabulous, although the cityscape there just is!

London is older, more twisted and irregular. I love London for the layers of love; time and generations that have left their mark on it. Areas could be the London of Henry the 8th and others are so much a part of our time. I think of London as a key character in the story that is this site. Like my favourite shoes or my beloved birkin bags, it reappears regularly.  Travel, and more especially Asia is so important to me too. Together they make me.  I guess most people think of London style as Shoreditch, edgy and unique, very much a part of the streets. I have never been a part of that scene. I definitely don’t represent that movement. I’m part of the other London I guess. The one that favours Tea at the Ritz over Indian on Brick Lane, but all of London is glorious, it’s the variety that helps so many types of people come together.

What I'm Wearing

Skirt ASOS

Top Lavish Alice

Boots Saint Laurent

Bag Fendi

Cuff Hermes

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