During LFW I went to the Alex Noble Presentation. I was surprised (being somewhat ignorant in my fashion knowledge – my really bad – of this designer) by his attention to detail, the magnitude of his creativity and by how much the work came to life in this setting, the Crypt.  The clothes were a pleasure to photograph – yes I know Pete is much better, but I had to do my best in the situation – there was just so much interest to capture. 

The lace work up close was just lovely and although presentations tend to be somewhat extreme in their display of clothes wearability, I would have been happy to jump into the lace dress (top image) as it was there and then! – If its missing don’t look at me!
The whole collection had the feel of the beginning of things to come for the designer, like the birth of a new talent in my mind… ironic really given the collection was called Soft Death!!! 
Last night I had a solo night in – don’t you love those evenings of peace to yourself – which obviously meant I watched some SATC! The episode I watched contained the ever true quote… “Accessorise the outfit you’ve got” – which you will probably know if you follow me on twitter –, which led me to think of rejuvenating clothes you already have. The reason I have posted about Alex Noble, is because the collection had some of my favourite clothing attributes…
  1. ripped denim
  2. structure through adornments
  3. a mix of textures
  4. lace and net
  5. frayed and unfinished fabric edges
These attributes are often easy to add or customise onto existing clothes. I once dragged a pair of jeans behind my car to get an authentic ‘distressed look’ – Please be aware this is only safe on your own drive or a private road… not for the public roads kids! You can mix textures through layers rather than one garment.  I love leather, chiffon and suede together, or velvet, satin and sequins. I also often add corsages or a strip of feathers to clothes with safety pins for a temporary added structure or adornment V.V Rouleaux is amazing for these little trims, if your not in london they are also online.  And everyone knows that a few carefully made rips can give an old pair of jeans a new life!  So I hope these pictures give you inspiration to bring your old clothes back to life. 
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