That bike I found

When I went to take pictures of this outfit, we just happened to come across a bicycle that was exactly colour co-ordinated with it.  So I just had to pretend it was mine!  However those of you with really keen eyes will be able to see that it is still chained to the fence… Regardless, I really wanted to post a proper autumnal outfit. I love the colours of Autumn.  All the greens mixed with browns, tans and oranges.  The colours always make me think of cashmere jumpers, cinnamon, long walks kicking leaves, pumpkins, stews and open fires to warm damp feet.  I hope the pictures make you feel seasonal, even if like me the closest thing you are having to a ‘proper country autumn’ is walking through Hyde Park!
Meanwhile I am in Austria at a detox clinic. No comment so far.  Lets just say the view of the lake is better than what was on my plate this morning.

Boots Hermes, Jeans JBrand, Shirt Singapore (Far East Plaza), Scarf from Venice, Coat Hoss Intropia (gifted), and Bag American Apparel with added beaded tassel from V.V.Rouleaux.


  1. Coco says:

    Love that you are pretending a bike is yours because it goes with your outfit. The detox you need is Yeotown in Devon, I’m a foodie and the food was a taste sensation. Here’s my post on it if you want more information;

  2. Bri says:

    Love this look!
    And that tassel is such a cute touch!

  3. ftashion says:

    Gorgeous look, love the neutral colours and your boots are to die for!

    Ash :o)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love your hair! How did you curl it like that?

  5. A La Mode says:

    Ahh this makes me feel so happy for autumn! I love all the colours here, wishing I was curled up by the fire now. xx

  6. aabner58 says:

    This cruiser is what happens when you mix a classical-styled bicycle with a vibrant color pallet Hermosa Beach.
    beach Cruisers

  7. Dear Peony.
    Those boots are BEAUTIFUL! I have quite strong shoe envy now.
    As for your detox, I have been reading your tweets and I can imagine its pretty hard going for you, though the results will be so worth it! Keep at it!
    Bella x

  8. Peony says:

    Coco – Trust me pretending it much safer, I am a terror on a bike. Not a good idea at all. hahaha

    Anon – Love Maegan did a great tutorial on it. See here…

    Charlie – I know. We need more live fireplaces in London!

    Bella – Thanks… Still not sure that I can see any difference, but maybe I need to keep going a bit more with the powerplate! hahaa