NWFW AW2012 Day 1

EatFashion WeekNYFW

Shoes Christian Louboutin, Suit Hermes (on sale), Scarf Lasenby of London (my Mothers), Glasses Ottica Mantovani, Shirt Karl by Karl Lagerfeld (a T.K.Maxx find), Hat unbranded from Venice, Jumper Prada, and Bag Vintage.

  1. In a cab on the way to Lincoln Center
  2. Hannah-Rose and me on the way to lunch at Shake Shack
  3. Candice Lake and me at the Lincoln Center
  4. The Lincoln Center Showspace
  5. Candice Lake taking my photo
  6. Mr Newton taking my photo
  7. My Shake Shack yummies
  8. The face of hunger
  9. Also stuffing my face on my favourite cookies after arriving in NYC – please note my teddy behind me!
  10. Chilling in the hotel room


  1. cant wait to see the rest of your NYFW posts! Love your outfit



  2. the pics are wonderful! congrads to the photographer!

  3. Looks like you are having a great time so far. Beautiful 1st look. Xxxx

  4. Adelyn says:

    that all looks like so much fun! Your sunglasses are fantastic!

  5. Your outfits are so sharp here! Love them. Also very jealous of the Shack Shack action – could use a shroom burger or 10 right now!


  6. Love the photo diary! Your style is impeccable.



  7. Bridgid says:

    Love those first two photos – you look gorgeous! 🙂


  8. Miss Kwong says:

    i love a dandy outfit…
    and tht leopard coat look really got me WOWWWWW!!!
    so much character in it!!!!

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    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  9. Peony, you are beautiful as usual! I adore your unqiue a bit of “wild west lady” style!Looking forward to more pics!

    Enjoy NY!




  10. Love the high collared Blazer!

    Sophh Elizabeth

  11. Amazing photos! Love those sunglasses in particular.


  12. Juliana says:

    WOW!!! I wanna watch Sex & The City and jump in NYC right now!! Great photos! In deep LOVE with your sunglasses and the coat you are wearing and the blond girl next to you…is she Vanesa?! I just thought she might be…

    • Peony says:

      I am sooo sorry but it isnt. That lovely Blonde is Candice Lake.
      Vanessa is VERY camera shy. Finding pictures of here shooting street style is like going on tiger safari… if you are really lucky you will see her in the way wayyy background!

  13. mel says:



  14. Ah, sounds great
    You look awesome with your hat


  15. Peony says:

    So happy you all liked the first look! Thank you for all your lovely comments.

  16. Rica says:

    P, i love the fact that you’re gorgeous and unafraid to look goofy. I love that u show this side of yours that seems affable n approachable. You’re awesome!