Rialto Mercato, Venice

Photos from my recent trip to Venice from the food market by the Rialto Bridge.
It was such fun getting the gondola that takes you across the Grand Canal to the Market, I had never done it before. It's so great visiting Venice in the winter, all the Venetians are actually there! Although it was freezing and it even snowed, a fair trade for eating delicious pasta at Harry's Bar and getting the yummy carnival sweet treats, like Galani (a very light fried biscuit with icing sugar all over) and Fritole (a kind of pumpkin donut). Venice is one of my favourite shopping locations, it is the best for unbranded incredible Italian quality leather and cashmere. I can never enough of the magic of Venice. It is a testimony to the beauty humans can create at their best.
Rialto Mercato Venice

Rialto Mercato, Fondamenta Vin Castello, Venice, Italy

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Rialto Mercato

The local market with fresh fresh and vegetables. Wonderful to look around a shop from.