Photos by Pete Navey
Shoes Christian Louboutin, Tights Wolford, Skirt Alaia, Jumper Zara, Polo-neck Pure Collection, Biker Hakaan, Bag Vintage and Hat Marie Mercie.
  1. Waiting outside Jason Wu
  2. In a cab on the way to the Lincoln Center
  3. Miss Tamu taking my photo
  4. Clutching a beautiful Emm Kuo bag on a visit to their Studio – stay tuned to see me wearing more!
  5. Stuck between some books and a bag
  6. Showing off my fur cuffs and another Emm Kuo clutch bag
  7. Emmaline Ranzman of Emm Kuo and me at her studio
  8. Two of the most beautiful Emm Kuo bags, love the mix of exotics – wish list please! Check out the website for the ultimate green croc bag, I think I am obsessed with it.
  9. Some more Emm Kuo bags together
  10. Me struggling over the taxing decision of which sides would be the most delish along with my Bubby’s Fried Chicken order…
  11. Bubby’s ¬†Diner
  12. As above
  13. As Above
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