Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

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This is my easter in photos. I am wearing a fisherman's smock that my mother had made for me from vintage fabric we found at an antique fair.  We always have an easter egg hunt in the garden - you are never to old to enjoy the hunt for chocolate -, and I won this year!  The dachshunds are ours, Cedric and Cinderella, the french bull dog is Sala and belongs to my faux god-parents.  I hope you all had a lovely easter too!
Easter Menu

Quails Egg Cups with Taramasalata

Creamed Brown Crab Meat on Melba Toast

Scallop Soufflé with Shellfish Sauce

Roast Beef with all the Trimmings

Cheese, Melba Toast and Grapes

Dark Chocolate Tart with Crystallised Mint Leaves

Pate de Fruis

An Assortment of Macaroons from Laduree


  1. modHello! says:

    Beautiful pics!! When I was a child, every year, my grandparents gave me 6 beautiful chicks! I loved them…
    And you are always perfect in your simplicity!
    Have you seen my post about you on my blog?
    kisses, gaia

  2. hannah-rose says:

    just lovely peony! it’s odd seeing such a flowery, spring-time easter when ours are always rainy and wet and cold.. it was fun to rug up in front of a fire though and drink easter egg hot chocolate.


  3. Natalie says:

    such a lovely and quaint easter! i love all the bright colors, especially that magenta egg. and all the flowers, oh that’s the way springtime should be =)

  4. JENNY says:

    lovely pictures!!! and i am loving your peony wallpaper in the background in photo #4!! I always get an overload on yummy chocolate easter eggs!!

  5. Francesca C says:

    fantastic photos!!!!!!!Lovely dogs 🙂

  6. galatea. says:

    oh such cute lil’ things. i am in love with the paws of your doggie!

  7. Peony says:

    @ModHello – What a wonderful tradition, you must have amazing grandparents. Thank you so much for the post, I just saw it. I am so flattered and touched. x

    @Hannah-Rose – Yours sounds yummy though! Glad you liked the pictures.

    @Natalie – I know, bright and warm is what spring is all about. The weather really did us a favour this year.

    @Jenny – Too many chocolate eggs means that my mother always makes us a yummy cake, tart or soufflé with the left over chocolate, so I think of them very kindly! Glad you liked the pictures.

    @Francesca C – The dogs are our lives, they are sooo cute. We totally spoil them!

    @Emmy – Thanks! Always a bit nervous about my camera skills.

    @Galatea – I know I couldn’t resist the photo, crossed like a person! hahahaa

  8. jenmol says:

    Hi, happy day. Hope you are well. Grateful that you share your traditions and your lifestyle. I’m from Venezuela and my English is not very good, but those photos so charming and so well finished dishes such is an invitation for us to do. You could share please recipes? And if you can give me the link. Thank you. A hug

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