Here is my outfit from London Fashion Week AW11 Day 2.
Photos by Pete Navey… see HERE!
Streetstyle photo by Phil Oh AKA the Street Peeper … see HERE!
Boots – Prada
Trousers – Hermes
Shirt – Hermes
Necklace – Monet
Coat – Vintage (from Portobello)
Gloves – from a trip last year to Venice
Bag (and scarf attached) – Hermes
Earrings – from a small boutique in Paris – gone and forgotten the name but will let you know if I remember.
Glasses – Cutler and Gross

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  1. Old Cow says:

    The blue shirt is striking. Very nice.

  2. Love the combination of colours, prints and textures! The blue is beautiful and that necklace is to die for…

  3. Love the glasses and the coat is to die for!!


  4. Roxy Te says:

    you are gorge! Adore the fur, blue, and definitely those trousers 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    whaaa I didn’t know you had a blog. I love your style! LOVE your glasses!

  6. Anonymous says:

    btw Peony, please tell me what style number your glasses are!


  7. Benedetta says:

    Dear Peony, I like this look much more than yesterday’s one.

  8. Peony says:

    Not sure the style number for the glasses I am afraid but they are from cutler and gross and their service is amazing so just take the picture on your phone and they will be able to help you find the same style. Sorry I cant help more! x

    I am so sorry I was publishing comments from my iphone and my finger slipped and I deleted a few by mistake… if your comment was deleted I AM SO SORRY! The comment below is one of the ones I found that had been deleted…

    Roxy Te… p.s. Did you find anything good and make the heist from your mom’s closet?

  9. Miss Vodka says:

    That blue is lovely.

  10. Anonymous says:

    that’s ok Peony. Thank you for the reply though! I just might take it to cutler and gross and ask about your glasses. Anyhow, will be checking your blog regularly!


  11. Promise says:

    You’ve got such a pretty face, glasses really suit you…x

  12. Peony says:

    @Roxy Te – I managed to borrow her birkin for LFW!!! heheheee

    @Judy – I am sure they can help you, they might remember me if you are lucky, and then they can just check my file or whatever. Thanks for coming back though!

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! I really appreciate them.

  13. Mr Mockle says:

    Another fantastic look Peony: vintage ocelot furs are so striking.

    Mr Mockle

    Mr Mockle’s Models in Furs:

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