So I went for a little lookie backstage at Osman on Day 3.  It was such a flourish of textures and colours. I loved the hair too, although a blunt fringe on me would be horrific!
Here are a few sneakie photos I took as the girls queued for the last walk. Click on the contact sheet to enlarge it! 
The fur sleeved coats were amazing, and it was fabulous to see some real colour on the AW11 catwalks at last.
My friend Toma did the casting for the show, didn’t she do an amazing job?! Check out all the stunning faces below! I particularly loved Ping Hue… she’s just catlike.
Thanks Toma for the backstage door opening, hope you guys enjoy the results. Sorry for my lame camera skills, I am working on it with with Peter Navey!  
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