Best of Brand – Hourglass

This is all about my favourite products from Hourglass. I love this brand, their products are beautiful, truly luxurious and leave your skin looking stunning. They also recently announced that they are going cruelty free - another reason to love them. This is a new kind of video for me. I wanted to start shooting as much of my beauty content in natural light as possible because I think it will give you a better, more realistic impression of the products and looks.  Let me know what you think it works better.
Products Used

Veil Primer NAP & Sephora

Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint Space NK & Hourglass

Vanish Foundation Stick NAP & Sephora 

Veil Translucent Powder NAPSephora 

Etherial Light Ambient Light Powder NAPSephora

Ambient Light Palette NAPSephora

Radiant Bronze Light NAPSephora

Vanish Flash Stick Champagne NAPSephora

Brillant Nude Blush NAPSephora

Vanish Flash Stick Bronze NAP & Sephora

Arch Brows Soft Brunette NAP & Sephora

Arch Brow Volumising Gel in Dark Brunette NAPSephora

Euphoric Strobe Light NAP & Sephora

Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Mauve Nude 6. NAPSephora

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  1. I cannot get over how flawless and luminous your skin looks! I think next up we will need to see what skincare products you have been using or what you do to keep your skin looking so great! Hourglass is one of my all time favorite makeup brands. I adore how natural their products are, yet they do a good job evening out your skin tone and making your complexion so smooth. Their Ambient Blushes and Confession Lipsticks are some of my favorite products from them. I just got the new (or relatively new) brow product and am still trying it out but so far I love how full it makes your brows look. The stick foundation is one of those products I have heard so many rave about and still haven’t managed to try! I must get to Sephora super soon to figure out my shade! I heard they just released a new mascara, have to tried that one yet? I hope you have been having a lovely Sunday Peony!