❅ My Christmas Decorations ❅

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So here is a little festive look at my Christmas Decorations. Sorry the table is only half laid, but you cant be perfect all the time… Well in my case most of the time!
My house is very modern so we have a white tree… just for fun, at my parents we always have real trees, and I must admit I am torn, I love the smell and look of real trees, but hate clearing up the needles and lugging the tree home from the florist. Luckily in the country you drive it home so it is win win.  Let me know about your christmas decorations… what do you like modern or traditional?
Oh and Merry Christmas !!!  xx


  1. Looks beautiful. I love the choice of flowers & berries. The row of red and white in the middle of the table is quite charming.

  2. Roxy Te says:

    I adore a snazzy mix of both! I live in close quarters (city living at its best!) so of course lean towards modern, but a bit of tradition makes things super cozy. Thanks Peony for stopping by over the weekend! 🙂 Love your style!!
    p.s. I’m having a giveaway..thought you might wanna check it out!! 😉

  3. *sunday* says:

    i love your christmas tree it is very modern but would be great if you have a modern flat (which you do 🙂 .. Feeling very christmassy.. as long as i sort out this stranded in london shituation 🙁

  4. ah! the floral arrangements are gorgeous.

  5. amyC says:

    LOVE the flowers, I’ll bet you wrap spectacular presents too 🙂

  6. Santa's little helpers says:

    hmmmmmm khristmas. beuuutiful,tasteful and well executed decorations. Santa is very pleased… i heard. Well done, keep up the good work and you will definitely not get coal in your stocking.

  7. Peony says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments. I hope you all had wonderful christmas’ and a very happy new year.
    oh and @amyC – you can see my presents at…
    hows that for a geeky?! hehehe

  8. Kaila says:

    All of your ideas are wonderful. I really appreciate also the photos provide, looks lovely. Btw, thanks for sharing 🙂