Gifting & Sampling Policy

I feel very lucky that I get to try lots of new products and experiences, however I want to be as transparent about this as possible.  This page explains the Gifting Policy for peonylim.com and all its related social media platforms.  This policy applies to products, services and experiences.

If you would like to offer me a free product, press sample or experience (gift) please see the below set of terms and conditions.

  • I do not accept gifts in exchange for coverage or content or in lieu of payment.
  • All gifts are given without any guarantee of coverage.
  • If I do choose to cover the gift, I am free to do this in my own timeframe and within a context I or my contributors decide appropriate.
  • Gifted items will be listed as such in posts (gifted) or as ‘c/o’ (meaning care of) the brand.
  • Any content or imagery produced around or of the gift remains my property and reproduction of it is only possible with my permission.
  • I may link from a gift description with a link I or my contrbutors decide appropriate.
  • By sending a gift you accept that any collection or exchange of unsuitable items will be at your own expense.
  • Once a gift has been received it becomes my property to use and dispose of as I wish.

If you are interested in guaranteed coverage please contact my agent Josh on work@peonylim.com.

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