Singapore. Cracked and Broken Straws

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I love Singapore, the cleanness, the food, the shopping.  If you follow me on twitter you will be sick of me gushing. I haven’t been back for a while and I love it all the more for the time apart.  It was rather a shock for my white little legs to come out in public during the heat of Singapore.  A winter in cold wet England will do that for you. Luckily I had my trusty trilby from Lock & Co to hide behind.  I always buy men’s hats, I think you get more choices for classic styles and they will fit them to your head, even if like me you have a miniature one. This one is on the way out but I love it so I can’t bring myself to bin it.  I think the cracks and breaks in it are full of character, unfortunately everywhere I go I have been leaving little bits of hat character behind me.
Shoes from Takashimaya Singapore, Dress DVF (via Bicester Village), Birkin Bag Hermes, and Hat Lock & Co.