This is a wonderful skirt that was lent to me by the fabulous and highly original CJ. You can follow his crazy musings on twitter HERE!  CJ was one of the first people to find me after I started this blog, so I think that both he and Eairth are extra special.  I was also holding a bag by Eairth at LFW when I was photographed by Tommy Tom aka Jak&Jil (see HERE!).
CJ works for Eairth (see HERE!), the brand that made this skirt.  Not only does Eairth make great clothes that are fabulous to wear, but they also have a great conscious. 
Eairth’s ethos is ‘Sustainable Luxury’, which is followed on every level of production.  It is a mixture of organic materials harvested by indesnous tribes, natural pigments, hand woven fabrics and hand finished artisanal touches.  The pieces they make don’t follow trends (much like me – well most of the time).
Sorry for the delay in my posting of late, I have been in bed sickie, very boring and very unglamorous!
Shoes Gina, Petticoat Beyond Retro, Skirt Eairth (sample), Top American Apparel, and Necklace from a small shop in Venice. 
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