Its better in the USA

Some things are just better in the USA.   You know things like... burgers, barbecue, portion size, whole foods, movies, Sci-fi conventions, sitcoms, the red carpet and finally vintage. I have a couple of vintage dealers on eBay that are my most fav, and they are all based in the USA, which means I have to pay loads more for shipping - and wait way longer for them to arrive, not to mention the annoying 'come pay for the tax on your parcel' notes the postman leaves me! -, but the clothes are just so much better than anything I find in the UK.   Even the packaging they send it in is cool... see it below.
I am wearing Shoes Joseph Azagury, Dress Vintage from eBay, Hat Lock and Co, Bag from a market in Singapore.
BTW you can click on the images to enlarge them, I think these ones look better bigger!