Photos by Pete Navey
Boots Prada, Tights Falke, Shorts vintage customised by Frances, Blouse Topshop, Jacket and Bag Chanel and Corsages H&M.
  1. Walking to Grand Palais
  2. Sitting by the Seine
  3. A very Parisian view
  4. Sitting outside Grand Palais
  5. The Zadig&Voltaire presentation
  6. Some killer disco shorts from Zadig&Voltaire
  7. Some of my fav things at the Zadig&Voltaire
  8. As above
  9. As Above
  10. Macaroons made to look like burgers, the little snacks at Zadig&Voltaire
  11. My fantasy metallic jeans at Zadig&Voltaire – I NEED THEM!
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