Behind the Scenes with Peony and Kit


I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started working with Kit as my photographer. We met before I even had a blogspot, Frances introduced us outside Somerset House during Fashion Week. Kit was so colourful and fun, both in the way she dressed and expressed herself, so I remembered her even though we barely knew each other. Years later I was looking for a new photographer to create a new look with me for the launch of and she was my first choice. I love how work has brought us together but now I’m so thrilled to call her a friend.  We get ourselves into the strangest situations shooting. Often hilarious, always unexpected and sometimes down right bazaar.  There are certain reoccurring themes in the outakes of my shoots, so I thought I would share them with you.  I hope they make you laugh!

  1. The shoe change.  Often we have to walk quite far to get the right location for a shoot. So I wear whatever shoes are by the door until we get to the location and change.
  2.  The near death experience.  You couldn’t really tell from the photos but in real life I had to scale a cliff edge to get the shot. That’s partly why I went barefoot, better grip! We get all over the place to get the right location, so I’m often found coming out on my hands and knees from behind a bush!
  3.  When the rain comes.  Sometimes we have to drive, walk or even take a train to locations. So when you get there, if it rains there is no choice but to laugh and carry on!
  4. What did you say?!  Nearly all my outtakes have this ear cup pose included. It’s my ‘shout over the traffic/sea/city loader so I can hear you Kit” gesture. It comes free with a comedy face.
  5.  Hair arrangement.  As you know I have a lot of hair so lots of finger combing goes on behind the scenes.
  6.  When dogs attack!  We have three miniature dachshunds, (two are my parents and one is mine). They tend to be around when I shoot and often that results in a dachshund attack!
  7.  I’m a little freak.  Kit likes to capture me at my most odd. Looking like a bean.
  8.  Precision.  Getting the styling of things right can take some time. This is me with a ruler for the beauty bag post. Yup a ruler. I’m that cool.


Anyway really I just wanted to say a big Thank You to Kit for all her hard work and friendship.