Another Season Another Look

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I find it so hard to believe that another fashion month is upon us again!  It makes me think about my favourite moments of the SS2012 collections.  I did a few illustrations of the best things I saw last season, which (swan head-dress excluded) will be hitting stores asap!
Although I saw quite a few shows I thought were amazing, these were the ones I liked the most (and worked best as drawings!).

Giles was the best show I saw for the whole of that season, and perhaps ever.  It was perfect.  The colours, the swans.  I was in complete and total love. It was such a theatrical show in the most magical medival setting.

Costume Nationale presented such a full and wearable collection in the most wonderful glass and marble setting.
Ashish did these incredible daisy boots that made me so happy, they were a moment of styling genius.

Issey Miyake did this amazing light display, which kind of distracted me from wanting to faint from the unbearable and unseasonable heat of last October in Paris.

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