Alaïa – The home of chic

As you know I'm a huge fan of Azzedine Alaïa.   I love the coats, the jackets and the dresses, well actually everything. To me he is one of the last vestiges of the eternal classic chic, he is unswayed by moving trends and flash in the pan fashions, a principle I fully believe in. I love his work for its lasting nature, its golden hollywood feel and ability to make any woman more feminine.
Shop 18 Rue de la Verrerie, Paris, France

Alaïa Outlet

Hidden under the arches of this little Paris street is the Alaïa Outlet, just around the corner from the Main Flagship Store (see the last image). Both shops are well worth a visit. The Outlet has changing stock all the time (I asked, monthly seems to be the regular overhaul) and was filled with french ladies and asian girls like myself.  Staffed by a very helpful and charming french lady, it is basic but wonderful. The Flagship store is a converted Fire Station and the perfect back drop to all the Alaïa you could ever want!

The full skirts and the pencils, the flared coats and the pea. Corset belts and lace up shoes, he knows the way to my heart and my closet.

When I heard about a secret Outlet in Paris I had to go investigate, (although I love Alaïa, I cant always afford his price tags). It was like a little adventure, I had a vague address but when we turned up it seemed to be the most unlikely of places to find him hiding. When we pulled up in the cab, he asked us what we were looking for, I said Alaïa and he laughed and said I wouldn’t find him here. As it turns out he was wrong.