A little Rue Du Mail in my Life

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This season, during Paris Fashion Week, my friend Candice Lake asked me if I would like to go and play dress up at Rue Du Mail.  That was like asking a child if it would like some sweeties.  Obviously I wanted to! So Pete and me trotted across Paris to the land of beautiful clothes.
I hadn’t ever touched or tried on Rue Du Mail but it exceeded all my expectations. Everything at Rue Du Mail was beautiful.  The quality of fabrics and cuts was next to none.  It’s impossible not to feel exquisitely expensive in their clothes. If they stock in a store near you, just go and try something on, even if its out of you budget I guarantee you will leave working out how to can work overtime to afford it.  Even better the beautiful shoes that were made for the collection by Christian Louboutin will be available in Louboutin stores.  I am not really a strappy sandal person, but I fell in love with them.  All in all it was a wonderful visit.  A big thank you to Candice and Rue Du Mail for having me.