Doesn’t every girl dream of a pair of red slippers that will take her home…?
Well here are mine. 
They are made of vintage tapestry pieces that my mother found at an antique market and had made into house slippers for me as a christmas present.


  1. Larissa says:

    they are lovely! so intricate! great find!

  2. *sunday* says:

    i love those type of slippers, although i do prefer the original velvetty ones with a crest in front

  3. that is an absolute gem. you mother has a great eye and great insight to have that tapestry made into these beautiful pieces.

  4. your mom rocks. these are phenomenal.

  5. Peony says:

    They are really old, and the flowers are beaded… so pretty in real life. I’m not sure I really capture it in my rubbish photography! I am so happy other people love house slippers… they are fabulous. My mother has worn them forever, I am lusting after her collection!

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