Strawberry Sherbert

This is one of my favourite parts of my home.  My Mother made me the Peony cushion and I bought the strip of peony fabric at a vintage fair with her.  My clothes hang down one side, but I like looking at the different fabrics, textures and patterns. Behind I can look out at the street and going-ons of London life.   Ironically I am not at all a pink person, however this is a post all about it. I have wanted to post this skirt for a while, and when it came to it I couldn't resist the Strawberry Sherbet theme.   I recently bought these shoes from a sample sale, so they have a little damage, and I put half innersoles in - because my feet never grew past 15! - but I love them.   The pink shirt is another steal from my mother, the last time I went home... don't tell! hehee

Shoes Charlotte Olympia, Tights Topshop, Feather Skirt ASOS, Shirt Vintage and Cropped Jumper Max Mara.


  1. love the close up shot of the skirt! such beautiful textures!

  2. CJSUPERB says:

    Peony this is sooooo fine and pretty! xx

  3. Eliza says:

    I can’t describe how much I love your outfit even though I’m not a pink person either!! 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    I think my favourite parts of your outfit are the sweater with the hot pink collars peeking through, and that amazing feather skirt 🙂 You’re so stunning though, like mixed ethnicity?

  5. Maria says:

    the skirt! AH mazing!

  6. Peony says:

    Thanks Kittens!!!

    @the style crusader – Thanks, great skirt and a bargain from ASOS! Although Pete is great at making everything look pretty.

    @CJSUPERB – Thanks Babe!

    @Eliza – I know sometimes I can break through the pink thing and love it, but it has to be pretty special for me to manage it. So happy you managed it with this outfit.

    @lovelyrotten – Thank you.

    @frances – Perv! love you x

    @Amanda – Thank you. I love mixing textures too. I am mixed race yes.

    @Maria – I know right, you might be able to find one on ebay!


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