Seoul Photo Diary Part 2

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Going around the night markets in Seoul was so much fun. It was an absolute hive of nightlife and activity.  The atmosphere was pure fun, booming music, the smell of yummy street food, and the chatter of hundreds of people who seriously love of fashion.  It was great to be completely surrounded in it.  My body clock is so confused it wants to sleep most of the time and then wakes me up as soon as I am asleep. Crazy, but that is what you get for staying all night at markets! Top by Eriin, and Metal Hair band Asos. Then Shoes Manolo Blahnik, Dress Eriin, Necklace and Bracelet from Ebay, and Scarf from Venice.


  1. Gosh, that dress is so stunning on you & the cuffs. You are one of the few that does feminine & masculine dressing equally right

  2. Daria says:

    I really like your dress and how you made your hair. It´s so romantic and mysterious. When I had long hair, I tried it too, but it didn´t work. You look awesome!


  3. Bridgid says:

    Love that first shot – the ponytail detail is beautiful 🙂

    B x

  4. Peony you are so gorgeous! My friend says I look like you 😀 it’s such a compliment really

  5. I read about you in Russian VOGUE!!!!You’re an amazing woman with great taste! Now, I am your new reader!

    -fashion illustrator-

  6. Diana says:

    oooooh do you remember where exactly that shop with all the necklaces is located? It’s totally what I have been looking for all this time!
    in love with the first shot with your back against the Korean traditional screen doors. beautiful.


  7. KAIIWONG says:

    I want the glasses !!


  8. Skimmy says:

    Glad you liked Seoul…it’s my favorite city. Peony, do you remember where that necklace store was? I must go there the next time I’m there!

  9. Sóley says:

    This all looks amazing. I could use some loud night time market fun, sounds energizing.
    xx we are purple

  10. I also read about you in Russian Vogue and I immediately liked you. You do such a wonderful, as you say.

  11. Peony, How did you get around Seoul w/o young lads asking for your autograph? Or film directors and casting agents scouting you for the next K-Pop video? You have great style — I love it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    where can i find the necklace shop?!!

  13. Peony says:

    I’m so sorry I cant help with the necklace shop. I am stocking some pieces from Seoul though so have a look at my store. Hopefully that might help.

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