Pink and Blue Dressing

Summer is the perfect season to do a little light contrasting. Although its fun to do big bold colours in the summer, its also great to get all those ice cream shades out.  I love this colour combination. I would never wear mint normally (its just not really my colour) but in this context with the pink its just so right. I love this little clutch from Couronne, they were kind enough to send me a couple of pieces to play with. I only just discover them but I love their take on classic handbag styles. You will be seeming more of them to come. I hope you like them too.

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  1. Fashion Snag says:

    Love the colors in this look!

  2. Lovely pictures, almost makes me think it’s summer in london 🙂 vicsmarketlondon

  3. SINDY says:

    the bag is awesome.
    very nice color.


  4. SINDY says:

    Nice color match.
    Bag is nice color..