Photos by Pete Navey
Shoes Manolo Blahnik, Leather Jeans vintage, Shirt Yves Saint Laurent, Jacket Patricia Chang, Belt Hermes and Bag vintage.
  1. Being photographed at the Tuileries
  2. The back of Guerre’s camera
  3. My outfit in the Tuileries
  4. As above
  5. As above
  6. As above
  7. Having supper after a long day

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  1. Your outfits are always so amazing! I love your style 😀

    My Fashion Inspiration

  2. Super amazing outfits!! I love that you’re dressed accordingly with the climate (not as others bloggers that wear sleeveless t-shirts and no tights in February in Paris!!!!

  3. you look drop dead gorgeous in the last photo~
    Patricia Chang

    thank you for wearing my jacket*

  4. hyung says:

    you’re stunning sighs absolutely stunning

  5. WOW! You look amazing!


  6. Giovanna says:

    Such a cute look! Obsessed with your coat!!


  7. eM Ieva says:

    Amazing photos! You look so nice!


  8. Great look! Amazing detail on the blouse and I love the blazer! Lovely photos! 🙂

  9. Fen says:

    so lovely as always! where is your colourful jumper from in the end photo? I love it! x

  10. That multicoloured jumper is amazing! Where is it from, I need it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love your jacket!

  12. lexi920 says:

    love the delicate flowers of your blouse – it lightens the look of your leather pants and hardware of your belt. Wonderful.

  13. Wynn says:

    This outfit is perfection! I need jeans just like yours!


  14. Patricia seems like such a sweet and pure soul. I adore her line and nearly died when I saw it on your blog!


  15. Peony says:

    I love this jacket, I was so sad when I had to send it back to Patricia. It was her only sample, so I had to take special care of it. Ahhh… (day dreams about Patricia Chang clothes!)

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