The Case

I couldn’t be more excited to share this collaboration with you. I’m incredibly proud of the final results. I love using mine and I really hope you will think it’s special too. It really mattered to me to create something new and unique that wouldn’t be available anywhere else. An exclusive case that represented me and my travel life.  I love to look chic travelling, partly I guess because I do it so much. I hate the idea of looking a mess at the airport. So I like my outfits and luggage to have a clear aesthetic, a clean and grown up look. Some of my luggage is brown and tan, and some is black. I just find neutrals work best with most outfits and handbags. So I knew I wanted to keep the outside of the case all black, so it would be timeless and clean, and wouldn’t look dirty or damaged after being in the hold. That said, on the inside I wanted it to have the feeling of opening a jewel box. The lining is a pattern I created with paintings I made specially for the case. I used layers of white on beige to make a soft but detailed pattern inspired by my mixed race heritage – influenced by chinese wallpaper and painting. The print features lovebirds, butterflies and most importantly lots and lots of peonies. The paintings alone took three days to create. All the straps and hardware are based around the black and neutral palette. I subtly combined gold and silver hardware to make the case pair equally well with other accessories of either colour. The final cases have a beautiful label made specifically for this collaboration.

They will be available exclusively at Harrods, in-store and online for a limited time.


  1. Huge congrats on this collaboration Peony! This really is one special suitcase/luggage collection and the minute I get done writing this I’m going to look further into it! I have been using my tan Globe Trotter suitcase for three years now and without any hesitation I am in love with it, so I immediately know that I will love this suitcase. I like your thinking behind choosing to keep the suitcase black. It’s very slick and elegant at the same time. I have to say, I am just mind-blown that you drew the floral print/sketches for the inside. You are one talented lady and you continue to surprise me every day! I like how the background of the inside is still that baby pink so it has very prominent speckles of you! Wonderful job dear! xx

  2. adele says:

    Congratulations Peony on such an amazing collaboration. You must be so proud of the final result. The case is so stylish. I love the interior design – you’re so talented.
    I wonder how heavy the cases are when empty?
    Hugs Adele xoxo