Come for Tea with Hermes

I was invited to the Hermes Press Day, after bumping into the lovely Press Rep Pauline at an Hermes Gallery Opening.  It was the most lovely day, and the setting for the event was just beautiful.  I hope you get a feeling for the attention to detail they had gone to.  It really was the most calm and most beautiful space. – most un-press-day-ish… in a good way!
 I wore… Christian Louboutin Cork Slingbacks, Zara Trousers, Michael Kors Jacket and Hermes Bag and Belt.


  1. s says:

    Very very nice posy….
    Love the grey shoulder bag ;D
    I have a birkin and many scarf and jewels Hermes
    i’m totally fan!! ;D


  2. Emma G says:

    Now that is my type of Afternoon tea, what could a better combo than cakes and Hermes. The H sugar lumps are impressive!

  3. Kate Junior says:

    Wow! SO amazing. The H sugar cubes just show that every detail counts!

  4. Emmy says:

    Everything looks amazing!!!

  5. Meisha.Style says:

    this is amazing! love your blog, beautiful styles and pictures!

  6. hannah-rose says:

    this does look very calm and collected! i went to a breakfast at tiffany’s during the recent sydney fashion week and it was the same, so quiet and reserved and a lovely oasis of calm in the middle of frenetic fashion week. i love the colours of this too!


  7. Peony says:

    @S – I know I was in love with the Constance too! Its on my current wish list.

    @Emma G – I loved the sugar lumps, and the Press Reps are so lovely they got more for the bowl for me to make it even more pretty! Hermes has high quality service at all levels.

    @Kate Junior – I know I need to remember that in my house too!

    @Emmy – It was! The egg mayo open sandwiches were awesome.

    @nana avec des lunettes – Glad you liked it!

    @Meisha.Style – Thank you! Hope you continue to enjoy it.

    @hannah-rose – Ooo sounds lovely. Literally breakfast at tiffany’s! Are you coming to LFW again? Want see you!

  8. audrey says:

    Lovee your lipstick shade? What brand/color is it?

  9. karin says:

    Beautiful!! I love evrything I see!! Including your outfit, you look great!!

  10. Uber jealous of your invite to tea with Hermes! Loving your blog xxx

  11. Peony says:

    Karin – thanks! It was wonderful!

    honey’s mummy – I felt very lucky, it was a pleasure to go.

  12. Hannah says:

    Wow, this would be amazing! they really pulled out all the stops! In true Hermes style

  13. NICE! very nice. it looks so beautiful^)
    colours are wonderful.
    Even see only pics, I feel magic of this atmosphere:)