A surprise hit.


The day I wore this outfit by chance I saw quite a few of friends, normally my friends don’t tend to comment too much on my clothes, they are used to me and I guess they know not to rule out anything when it comes to my closet.  That day was unusual because several of them (I should mention they have incredibly different person style from each other) commented on how much they liked the outfit. It is a really simple look but a classic one, which clearly appealed to all kinds of aesthetics.  So I now know, if your stuck for an outfit, try this one.  It really was a surprise hit.

Boots Siton Venice

Skirt Zara

Pea Coat Hermes

Beret from a Tourist shop in Paris

Striped Top a present from my mother from central France

Bag (gifted) Klear Klutch (seen inside Wallet Louis Vuitton

Sequin Watermelon Purse vintage).


  1. zarouch says:

    I have this skirt too!! I wear it a lot. It’s actually featured on my blog too!! 🙂

  2. I understand your friends . this outfit is amazing ! I’m in love in everything you wear . and your dog is so cute !


  3. A great accessoir here is your dog. Really cute one. I like that you took a risk and experimented with lengthes. Look really good.
    You may find somethinf interesting at my blog, as well.
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  4. Joana Leite says:

    Loved this look, the clutch is so nice!!

    your blog is amazing, loved to know it!