All the photos on this site are original content, created specifically for this platform.

Most of the photography seen here is produced by three people; Kit Lee (AKA styleslicker), my Mother (faithful travel companion and helper) and myself.

Everything is shot using daylight (and very occasionally a reflector) nothing more, which helps to create the light natural photography style.

I use a Canon 5D Mark III with mostly three L-series lenses; 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm.

I shoot in raw and retouch as minimally as possible using Photoshop. I never liquify as I believe it is important for my readers to see me as close to how I really look as possible.

The Photographers

Kit is a wonderful photographer I first met through friends on the Fashion Week rounds. We started working together in May 2013. Since then we have collaborated on everything from food to fashion editorials, travelled together and become friends.

Kit runs her own site, has published a fashion DIY book (Adorn with Shini Park) and works as a fashion and Lifestyle photographer and ambassador for brands (Harrods, MCM, Kenzo) and magazines (ELLE, Grazia and Company).

You can get in touch with Kit here! 


Other photographers featured on this site include (but are not limited to); Candice LakeEdward Rixon, Frances DavisonJason Jean, Peter Navey and Vanessa Jackman.