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The Best Silicone, Sulphate and Paraben Free Hair Products

This video is about why you shouldn’t use Silicone, SLS (sulphates) and Parabens in your hair products and what other products free of these ingredients I have tested and would recommend. I have tried a lot of products in the lead up to this video and I have now been predominantly free for about 6 months.

Fast Foolproof Makeup

Another super easy and wearable makeup tutorial. I use my bronzing palette as an eyeshadow here. I wear this a lot in everyday life. It’s a really fast way to do your makeup and it looks great all day and into the night. If you want to make it last longer use a primer and setting spray.

Top 5 Makeup Products with Andjelka

Watch Andjelka and I chat through our top 5 makeup products ever and why. These are things I just couldn’t live without.

10 Summer Closet Fundamentals

How to build a classic summer closet!  These 10 pieces are my summer core closet essentials, that I cant live without and the best brands to get them from.   Think of them as the 10 fundamental pieces to wear for any summer. They are timeless.

Best in Brand Hourglass

This is all about my favourite products from Hourglass. I love this brand, their products are beautiful, truly luxurious and leave your skin looking stunning.

LA La Mer Vlog

See the my full blog post on this trip for lots more LA love.

What I eat in a Week

his isn’t a diet at all! This is just a little video recording what I eat in a normal week and why. I try and make some healthy choices but I also enjoy cooking and eating. I hope it helps give you ideas of things you can cook too.

10 Closet Essentials

I wanted to start with the basics because that’s the foundation of your style. These 10 pieces are my core closet essentials, that I cant live without and the best brands to get them from. Think of them as the 10 fundamental pieces to start any closet with.

Top 5 Tinted Moisturisers

This is a little review of my favourite luxury CC, BB and Tinted Moisturisers. I love these products, they perfect and protect but they also look super natural and can be applied easily and quickly.

Wavy Aussy Hair

My go to hair style this year. It’s inspired by that perfected careless aussie beach babe look.

My Office Tour


The best 5 products for 5 mins in the morning!

Lech Vlog

Come along on our skiing trip to Lech. I hope you enjoy this little Vlog, it’s nothing huge but a bit of fun. Sorry I have a bit of a frog in my throat I had bit of a head cold for the trip.