Just Dripping in Fringe

This is my day to night look.  For the evening you simply remove the shirt and hat!  Well actually I wasn’t aiming for that when I photographed this outfit, but it now occurs to me that it is the case.   Any how here the Hat and Shirt are both from Men’s collections.  I love to shop in the Men’s department, now that skinny boys are fit models, the clothes often fit women.  I tend to find that Men’s shirts are the best for an oversize cut.

Shoes Prada, Dress Vintage, Shirt Zara Men, Belt from India and Hat Lock & Co


  1. Olya says:

    I love it! Excellent look!!

  2. hannah-rose says:

    I always wear mens for shirts too, stolen from my dad or purchased on the sly for my “brother” haha. I get a little self conscious shopping in the mens section, although recently I made friends with the guy who works in the acne store so now i don’t feel so bad for trying on all these mens acne parkas haha.


  3. Love your look! Gorgeous!
    Much love,

  4. M says:

    Great use of fringe!


  5. *CaroL!n@ says:

    You’re so beautiful!! Great look!

  6. Sweet. says:

    I have so many shirt which are men’s. I love them 🙂 they look great on you 🙂


  7. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful !

  8. Peony says:

    hannah-rose – excellent work! Dont be embarrassed embrace! Its fab to wear boys clothes, plus they can look super sexy!

    Giulia Ciccarelli – thanks so much for letting me know! Gold star reader!

    Thanks people! I am so glad you like the photos, Pete is a superstar behind the camera.