Fire Fields

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These are some amazing dresses from Isolda London, I really wanted to shoot them in a fitting setting so, I thought a wild field was the place for an english tiger and a british parrot.  I was so glad when the weather turned out to be so wonderful as well. These warm weather dresses are so beautifully comfortable to wear, I am really hoping they will make some fabulous Maxis for Winter. I definitely would need them in my life!  You might spot me in some more Isolda for Fashion Month, packing and extensive preparations are underway now, ready for NYFW! See you there!

Dresses Isolda London (samples)

Shoes Joseph Azagury

Hat vintage

Belt Vintage

Sunglasses Hugo Boss


  1. Juliana says:

    Wonderful scenary! You look almost like a jaguar when youre wearing that print!! It must have been fun photographing in this beautiful landscape!

  2. Benedetta says:

    You look as beautiful as the landscape.




  3. kitty says:

    Do you have siblings?
    How come you never mention your dad?
    Where do you think you got your style from?
    What do you do for a living?
    What makes your every inch different from another?

  4. Peony says:

    Juliana – I am so glad you like it!

    Benedetta – Your too sweet.

    Kitty – What a lot of questions! ahhaha
    I blog full time and work freelance for different brands.
    I love it and I am very lucky to be able to.
    I take influence from a lot of different people and sources, but my mother was a big influence.