1. Outside Lincoln center getting photographed.
  2. Extra cool NYC cyclist.
  3. Yvan (aka Facehunter) taking a picture of me with his Leica.
  4. See his version here!
  5. Looking through rails of beauty at Patricia Chang’s Presentation.  You might remember I wore one of her dresses and jackets last season.
  6. A preview of a Patricia Chang outfit for PFW this season.
  7. The rail at Patricia Chang’s Presentation. See the whole collection here!
  8. The view from the Presentation over Manhattan.
  9. Wendy and Me at the Presentation.
  10. The designer herself, the lovely and talented Patricia Chang.
  11. Patricia and her bloggers, including Wendy (aka Wendy’s Lookbook), Nicole (aka Gary Pepper Girl) and Me.
  12. The lights of the city.
  13. A quick midnight snack at Shake Shack.  Please bring it to London.  I miss it already!
  14. Waiting for a cab at night.

Shoes Jimmy Choo, Dress my own (available at my store), Belt and Bag Hermes, and Hairband available at my store.


  1. You look amazing! Love this outfit!

  2. Tinacious Me says:

    Gorgeous! Almost looking amazing, Peony!

  3. love these photos! it’s so interesting to see you being photographed from your perspective. love this outfit too, you look like a beautiful statue of liberty! can’t wait to see your photos from lfw!


  4. I absolutely love seeing you next to Nicole and Wendy! You gals are gorgeous!


  5. H, says:

    wow, so lovely, i love your look

  6. Mlle W says:

    like the modern (studded) Liberty Statue and I adore the way you wear navy with the brown heels

  7. selfcircled says:

    Which camera is that, Peony? It’s form looks like a micro 4/3, but I can’t seem to recall the model at all.
    (I’m a control freak. It bugs me to no end when “I definitely know this, but what/when/where/how?” happens. ugh!!! sorry!)
    The orange colour is wicked.


  9. Ionela says:

    Awesome blog! love it! Going to follow it!
    Check out mine!

  10. Duck says:

    Love the shot of you with Yvan!

  11. Mae says:

    Seriously digging that you wore some of your own pieces so simply and understatedly. I like that it’s casual with a bit of edge to it.

    Your face kills me. So gorgeous. Your makeup is so French-chic!

    with love and aloha, Mae
    // thereafterish.com